Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between Cross platform development vs Native App development?

Cross-platform technology provides a framework where one source-code can be utilized to create the multi-platform application; mainly for iOS & Android.

With native app development, we use default language and IDE for both iOS and Android, i.e. Objective-C/Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA with Android studio for Android.

Should we support iPad version for iOS and tablet version for Android?

Almost all the iOS / Android application working on the iPad / Tablet; but if you have any specific requirement, budget & market base then you can get the separate application developed for iPad / Tablet.

Mostly the business users or executives are finding it handy to have the iPad / Tablet version while they want to represent something in meeting because of size. If your application represent those users then I will suggest to have separate version.

What will happen to my app with new OS releases in both iOS and Android?

Generally iOS & Android do take care of the old functions so that your application does not stop working when there is new OS released but still your complete application or certain part of the application stopped working then you should create the list and contact the development company to get them fixed.

Development company may fix the specific issue or have to recode the specific part; as that is completely dependent on how deeply new OS affect the old application.

How can I make my app successful?

To make the application a success - you must have to review again with what purpose you got the application developed?, Do you have solid marketing strategies for the users you are targeting?, Do you have enough funding to manage the solid marketing?

If you have above answers then based on the answers you can prepare the action plan and reach to the end-users.

I have my unique app idea - How can I share it with you to make sure it is secured?

We do sign NDA to make sure your idea is secured and not spread anywhere else except working team.

I am non technical person who wants to build an app. How can you help me?

We do have worked with many non-technical clients in past and we are helping them from all the aspects to have the properly designed product.

You can share each drop in your mind with our Techno-Commercial sales person; they will suggest you from technical perspective and even what approach we should proceed with; for the best output.

What would be the payment policy?

We divide complete project in few milestones; so whenever we finish milestone; we send it for client approval. On approval of specific milestone; client has to release the payment defined for that milestone.

This way client do not have to pay big amount together. They see the progress - get satisfied and pay for that portion.

Will I need to test my app fully?

We have the testing team in-house and before submitting to client we test the things to make sure everything is upto the mark.

But we always encourage our clients to test from their own perspective so that when application go live at that moment they have complete idea of what is happening.

Most of the applications are having Admin Panel also which later on manage by client or their team so we request them to go through everything before making the things live.

Would you help us to set up server?

Yes, we will set up basic server and deploy files on your server to make the system live.

Would you take care of submission of application in app store or would I need to take care of that part?

Yes, that would be our free service and part of our contract.

How would you take care of data security?

There are many loopholes in the application from where application can get hacked. To make our developed application more secure - we use below things:

  1. To make the data transmission secure we are using authentication token system so that input/output is do not get hacked.
  2. For making the data storage secured we encrypt the sensitive data.

How frequently I would get updates?

At beginning of project it self, you will get the rough project plan with approximate dates for deliverables.

We assign project-leader who will be coordinating with you throughout the project and share update with you every week.

Would I need to talk with your entire team during project development stage?

We assign project leader to your project who will talk with you on behalf of team and provide you all updates and manage the project till its deployment.

The project leader will secure all the communication happened in between you; in the document and send you for your confirmation; on your approval; he will pass to team.

Would you take care of my application once it gets live?

Yes - We do. Once your application goes live then we provide free support for limited time; to make sure your end-users do not get any problem. After that, we provide paid support at very nominal rates.

Should I have website with all features same as application?

There are many application which are not having identical websites so it is not mandatory to have website with same features as application.

Again you can check - If your concepts required and users are demanding it then you can go with website same as your application.

Will my website work and look good in all devices and all desktop OS?

Yes, we will make responsive website with latest css3 to make sure it looks good in all desktop browsers along with all mobile devices and OS.

Do you follow AGILE methodology?

Yes, we follow both AGILE and waterfall methods depending on project size and type.

How can I track the progress of my project?

We will give you access to project management tool we use along with email/ skype communication to track the progress.

What would be covered in free support period?

We will fix any bug which is part of defined scope and which did not occur due to OS upgrade.

Can I review the code during the development process?

We do not provide source code access before payment completion to protect our rights. We can still give you image of one or two coding files to pleased you and assure you that we follow coding standards.

Who will be owner of the source code?

Once 100% payment is cleared, you will be owner of all source code.

Who will pay third party fees?

All third party fees will be on you.

Would you help us to create developer account?

Yes, we will guide you to fill account details and payment related terms to complete developer account sign up process.

What are the fees to create developer account on apple and Google?

To create Apple developer account, you need to pay $99 USD/year.

For Android developer account, you will need to pay $25 USD/one time.

What should be my server requirement?

Depend on traffic expectations, server company and server parameters can be defined which can range in $10 USD to $100 USD per month.

What technologies do you guys work on?

We work on all latest and trending technologies which includes both web and mobile app development.

Web : PHP / Python / Wordpress / Joomla / CakePHP / Laravel / AngularJS / NodeJS

Mobile : iPhone native / Android native / IONIC / Phonegap

What is your experience in terms of project completions?

We have successfully completed over 25 projects with more than 14 happy clients all over the world.

Do you face any limitations with different time zones of clients?

No - We have worked with clients all over the world with different time zone and we adjust with client to get the job done in very efficient manner.

Do you have in house design team?

Yes, we have in house design team and all of them working under same roof.